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Oil painter Moe Rocksmoore in her studio at The Briggait, Glasgow

I met Moe Rocksmoore a number of years ago at her studio in The Briggait, Glasgow, during an ‘open day’ weekend. An annual event, the studio occupants – painters, sculptors, mixed media artists and others – throw open their doors and welcome visitors, taking the time to engage and to explain their work. We’ve remained friends since then and I follow Moe’s work and career with great interest.

I also have the great pleasure of owning an original oil painting she created – in fact it is on the wall above my desk as I write this; I look at it every day and derive pleasure from it now, as I did on the day I first saw it.

At such an open weekend recently, I had the chance to visit Moe again and to speak a little about her current projects – she is focussing on night skies and aurorae and some of her pieces are really exquisite. Along with her ‘regular’ work, she is also kept very busy with various specific projects on which she has been asked to contribute her time and her expertise.

In the image above, you can see some of Moe’s recently completed work.

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