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The Authority to Govern

One day after the publication of the Sue Gray report, the nation continues to digest the facts contained within the report itself – those already known, as well as those revealed later through the eventual investigation by the Metropolitan Police. Many column inches have been devoted to this subject in the newspapers today, as they have been similarly devoted for many months now.

Today, various Cabinet ministers have come out from the shadows to remind us (again) that the Prime Minister has apologised (again). To this reminder, they affix the words “whole-hearted”. The problem is, this latest apology – much like it’s various predecessors – is anything but ‘whole-hearted’. As the news last night told us, around 75% of the British public simply don’t believe Mr Johnson and don’t trust him.

“There were no parties.. all the rules were followed”

Prime Minister Boris Johnston, addressing parliament

In Parliament yesterday, in the responses to the Prime Minister’s statement after the publication of the report, one lone Conservative MP told truth to power and asked his colleagues if they were prepared to continue to defend a man whose integrity could not easily be described as ‘intact’. He was shouted down by those same colleagues.

It has often been said that one reason why the Conservative party are so tenaciously hanging on to this particular Prime Minister is because “there’s no-one else”. Really? In that entire political party there is only one person capable of leading them? Has it become a one-man show, then? It seemed to me that if they want a better Prime Minister, that lone voice might be the one.

Of course, the Cabinet and the Government have made their wishes known – their silence when criticism was necessary; by their inaction when something needed to be done; and by their vociferous applause of a man who – in my estimation – has demeaned the high office he presently holds.

I suspect that most of the British public see things just a little bit differently.

And I hope that differing perspective will become clear at the next election.

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