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Make A Wish

‘Make A Wish’ – street art in Glasgow

Another mass shooting in another school in America hits the news.

Politicians are falling over themselves to offer the usual platitudinous soundbites – “thoughts and prayers” – although when asked specifically what they will do to change things, the questioners are met with a resounding silence.

Someone commented that the real issue is the American idolisation of guns – and I think there is truth in this observation.

There is no convincing argument to justify the sale or possession of automatic rifles, oversize magazines, folding stocks, and other weapons that are used in an ever-growing number of massacres.

Cardinal Joseph W Tobin

The problem is this – as long as Amercia idolises weapons and the easy access to them, this will remain of greater importance than the many lives (currently more than 100 each and every day) which are lost through gun violence.

The solution seems so obvious.

And yet America has not the willingness to see.

Catholic | Retired Nurse | UK

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