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Cards and Bookmarks

I was looking for something yesterday in a drawer and I came across a pile of little prayer cards. Catholics will be familiar with these – they often show an image of Jesus or the Blessed Virgin or one of the Saints.

Almost every book I possess – and certainly every religious book – contains several of these little cards, as I tend to use them as bookmarks. Some of the cards I rediscovered yesterday are quite old now – I’ve had a few of them since the early 1980s, and there was a whole selection of them which provided something of a timeline for my life so far. I was surprised that I could place them reasonably accurately upon that timeline.

It was interesting to see what I had kept. For many of them, I could not recall precisely where I originally got them from; but for quite a few others, I was well aware of their source, particularly those which had been given to me and which – because of this – have a special meaning. I even have one little card which came from the sessions of the Second Vatican Council – it’s in a book somewhere although I can’t think which one.

With the regard to the books which hold so many of these little cards, I still do something which I have always done – I sign and date my books. My most recent book – an office – arrived yesterday and the first thing I did was to sign and date it. Whoever clears out my books once I am dead will be able to clearly work out what I have read over the years.

The choice of books will, I hope, say something about the kind of person I sought to be and to become.

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