I am a retired nurse who specialised in Acute Psychiatry and Old Age Psychiatry in a career lasting over thirty years, the last seventeen of which I spent working as a Specialist Nurse for dementia.

I live in the United Kingdom, where I now lead a very quiet and simple life, which I value greatly.

I enjoy writing and have created several websites over the years (including ‘Most Merciful Jesus’, ‘Cor Immaculata’, ‘Skylight Photography’ and ‘A Sky Of Honey’); some were dedicated to particular themes, such as my photography or my Catholic faith – and others had a broader reach.

For this particular website, I wanted somewhere I could write about various things which are of interest to me and which resonate with me.

And so these are some of my personal recollections and reflections and I hope you might enjoy reading something of what I write.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

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