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A Synodal Prayer

I composed a prayer with synodal intentions which I thought I might reproduce here. This prayer is especially for the ‘local Churches’ in whichever diocese and whatever area or place we find ourselves within the broader Church.

All of the quotations within the text of the prayer are taken directly from the Final Synthesis Report of the first session of the Synod of Bishops.

I hope you might find it useful.



Merciful Lord, thank You for the faith which acknowledges that this gift of the Synod is “a time of grace which encourages us” and which invites us to “a mode of being Church”. 

Give us the hope, which does not deceive, to believe that “ possible only by recognising the primacy of grace – if spiritual depth is lacking, synodality remains cosmetic”.

Give us the charity to offer “a life lived in authentic discipleship that develops the grace of Baptism”, mindful always that the “Sacraments confer on all.. responsibility for the mission of the Church.”  Through them, “all are called and nourished by the Holy Spirit to form one body in Christ.”  And to this end, may “the charisms of the laity .. be called forth, recognised, and fully appreciated” since we are asked to find “more creativity in establishing ministries according to the needs of local churches”.

Give us the wisdom to endeavour to “significantly deepen” “the reciprocal relationship between Bishop and people” , to support our shepherd, who is “called to lead his local Church,” – and to do this especially by means of prayer and “the conversation in the Spirit,” which “enables authentic listening.”

Give us the gentleness of supportive encouragement, that we might “find ways to involve the clergy more actively”  in these endeavours, and to deepen a “pastoral commitment to widen community prayer beyond the Mass”, seeking “alternative forms of liturgical prayer, as well as practices of popular piety” and especially that of  “Marian devotion.. because of its ability to sustain and nourish the faith of many.”

Give our local Church “a profound spiritual conversion” “a prayer open to participation, a discernment lived together, and a missionary energy that arises from sharing and that radiates as service.” 

Give us a spirit of fortitude, “walking in communion with Christ toward the Kingdom” and knowing that “we can only support others if we ourselves are undergoing conversion, both personal and communal.” 

In all this, may we offer “a real ecclesial service.. engaging peoples and communities” and “modelling it upon Jesus”, that we might never fail to be authentic followers of Him.



A Catholic writer living in the United Kingdom

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