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A Life of Service

The United Kingdom is enjoying the start of a four-day bank holiday weekend, celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Becoming Queen in February 1952, no other British monarch has lived or reigned as long as our present Queen.

While not everyone in the nation will be of a mind to celebrate this event, it is enjoyed by the vast majority of people.

For me, the Queen represents service; she has long lived-out the promise she made publicly aged 21 – that her life, whether short or long, would be dedicated to the service of the nation. And serve she has.

She also represents stability – for most people alive in the United Kingdom today, the Queen has simply always been there, and so we feel a particular familiarity with her. She is the face of our nation and of our national identity. And so we are, in that sense, very much ‘Elizabethans’.

And lastly, she represents unity – this was evident by the vast crowds gathered on The Mall throughout the morning in front of Buckingham Palace; a sea of individual people, from every place and from every walk of life, all coming together as one for The Queen.

Ma’am, you are held in great affection and you are deeply respected; we give thanks for your life of service and we love you.

May God bless you, Ma’am.

Main Image: © Ranald Mackechnie, courtesy of The Royal Family

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