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50 Years

America has awoken today to a new reality – the constitutional right to abortion has been rescinded following a ruling by the Supreme Court. As a result of this change, America seems to be even more polarised today than it was yesterday.

Having watched the on-going debate on this issue across the Pond, it has not always been edifying.

Even as someone who cannot in conscience support abortion, I have been horrified to see so much self-satisfied gloating on the part of those who are delighted at the decision of the Supreme Court. Watching protestors outside an abortion clinic on the news last night, I saw not a shred of charity nor even any basic human decency; rather, I saw self-righteous and sanctimonious abuse of vulnerable women.

It is not enough for the Christians of America to state – like so many clashing cymbals – that “now the work begins” to engage with and support these women. That work has been almost entirely neglected for fifty years while nationalistic American Christianity rampaged on with its focus on one sole issue. How can such people now realistically have any hope of building bridges with those they have vilified so wickedly and for so long? Where were all the support measures to offer these women viable alternatives to abortion? Where was the realisation that to be “pro-life” has to mean so very much more than just being anti-abortion? Where was the ‘pre-eminent’ recognition that life after birth has every bit as much value and sanctity as life before birth?

Sometimes, the face of ‘Christianity’ bears a stronger resemblance to the face of the devil himself.

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